The Lord, GOD Of Our Lives

The Lord, GOD Of Our Lives

His Holiness Sri Guru Maharaj was born in a prosperous Brahmin farmer family in Padla village of district Sawai Madhopur in the state of Rajasthan in India. As a young child ‘Shiv Dayal Shambhu Dayal’, Guruji was passionately devoted to Sri Narayana and was immensely philanthropic by nature. At a tender age of nearly three and half years, Guruji heard from a wandering saint the words-”Liya diya tere sang chalega, dharam karam ka nata hai, sai nam ki chinta kar le, dene wala data hai”. This couplet and the saint left a profound impact on Guruji’s life and he became an ardent devotee of Lord Narayana, and the desire of worldly pleasure never could touch him ever after.

Guruji, as he is called lovingly by his devotees, makes no claim to be a Guru. He also seeks no fame or followers or money. Nor does he seek to establish any sect of his own. He calls himself only as a servant of God who is trying to spread the message of the love of God. He does not claim to be propounding any new or original theory. He says he is only repeating the commands of God which have been said earlier

By a steady process of austerity, discipline, self-purification, and intense spiritual efforts (SADHANA) he has attained divine status.

Born in a prosperous Brahmin farmer family in village PADLA of district Sawai Madhopur in the state of Rajasthan in India, Shambhudyal Sharma whom devotees now call GURUJI showed signs of the love of GOD at a tender age of about three years only. His love for GOD at that tender age was provoked by the words of a FAKIR (Wandering Saint) whom GURUJI as a child heard singing…”LIYA DIYA TERE SANG CHALEGA DHARAM KARAM KA NATA HAI, SAIN NAM KI CHINTA KAR DENE WALA DATA HAI”. This couplet left an indelible mark on the child’s mind, infusing in him a deep love for GOD and a feeling of total detachment from worldly pleasures. overwhelmed by the love for GOD a feeling of renunciation exhibited by the child the parents entrusted him at the age of seven to the care of BABA Shri Ganeshpuriji of famous Mehandipur Balaji Temple so that the child could develop in a proper spiritual and religious environment.


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