SAKAR – The Formal Worship Is Meant For Kaliyuga

SAKAR – The Formal Worship Is Meant For Kaliyuga

The name and the form go together. The name has to be with the form. Everyone has a name and a form. God has a name and form too. He has a number of names; Rama, Krishna, Narayana, and all the names love their forms. Narayana is the main name and form which takes the forms of Rama and Krishna. Narayana is the root, so, if we water the root we will flourish

These days, a big controversy is going on between the worshippers of God with form, and the ones she worships God without form. The conflict between the form and the formless has reached such a dimension that everyone feels like crying. It brings tears to one’s eyes. “I am the worshipper of God without form,” worshipper of so and so.”

It requires the same wisdom and strength to grasp the concept of “The Formal” and of “The Formless.” Guru Nanakdevji has solved this problem in a very simple way. The controversy between the Formal and the formless was going on. Baba Nanak was the worshipper of the Formless, to begin with. But later he became the follower of “The Formal” he says, I came under your wings, O Lord.

Then he realized that there is no controversy. The relationship between The Formal and The Formless is the same as that between the flower and its fragrance. You cannot see the form of the fragrance of one flower. Can you? It can only be felt. But my beloveds, where does it come from? From the flower. Isn’t it? And the flower is with the form or is it formulas? People say that they do not believe in the form. Someone puts the flower in the pocket and goes away, will the fragrance be left behind? If I pluck the flower and take it away the fragrance will be gone with it. So there is no conflict between the two.
Tulsidasji has said,

The formless worship is convenient. But it is extremely different to know ‘The Formal’, why is difficult? Because it is not easy to have strong faith. The formless does not have an independent existence, because it has to depend upon the form. The way to know the formless is through the form. I challenge the learned ones and say that God has been Formal since the beginning, even before the world comes into beings and it is still. Formal, because without the form he cannot protect us. If we try to meditate on the formless or try hard to action God through meditation, then, my beloveds! Forget it. Because it is not possible. When Lord Krishna explained about meditation, he said, my devotee For the formal my dear ones, not for the formless, so, without altering the formal God, with His Form, you may keep losing your breath, you may keep trying in vain. It is not giving to make any difference. If you keep meditating then you are not giving to get anything. If you want to attain something then you must make an effort. Do good work. The Guru site before you and blesses you them you succeed. In the same way, the supreme spirit base-form and will remain. So, now one can deny it, as it is certain.

I do not say that yoga is bad, or medication is bad. I do not say that the other exercises are bad. They all are good. But my beloveds what I am saying is that since there are four epochs (yugas); Satyug, Dwapar, Treta, and Kaliyuga, in every epoch the way to God is different. In Satyug, it is meditation, in Dwaper, it is worship, in Treta, it is Yagna (rituals), but in Kaliyuga the foundation is the Name. In Gita, we find which means where will the mind be without The Form? Here also we find the meditation of Formal worship. In Shrimad Bhagawat, in the dialogue on Bhakti, Naradji Maharaj says, He says that the name of the Lord is the only essence, without which there can be no achievement. These are the worlds of Naradji.

Baba Nanak Sahibji says, (only devotion to God). He did not say, only Yoga, or only meditation on God, he did not write anything of this sort. Tulsidasji has also written, that devotion to God is above all. Bhagwan Shivji has also concentrated and Bhakti (devotion).

So many learned ones are in favor of devotion. Are they all wrong, when people say that God cannot be attained without meditation. All the above-learned people have said that meditation does not matter, God cannot be attained without The Formal worship. They all have made it very dear.
My beloved ones! you can attain God only by worshipping The Form. There is no other way. The advantage of Formal worship is that all the four things are combined in its, Concentration, meditation, Yoga, and name goes on simultaneously. You may ask, “How is it possible?”
When you are reciting His Name, you will automatically think of him. If you are singing in the praise of Lord Rama, you will see him in front of you. You will enjoy yourself. You will meditate on him. Yoga will also take place individual soul and universal soul will be united and the name is also merged in it. You get everything in one go. Then why would anyone want to do incomplete service?

Dhyana is not bad. But it is not meant for the present epoch. So, there are no other means. Like a thousand rupee bill was in the currency earlier. It was used freely in. But now you can not use it. It has become obsolete. In the same way, meditation and Yagna have become absolutes God has been with the Form from the earliest times without a beginning and he will always remain with the Form. He has never done anything without the form he always took a form to perform the actions.

During the war of Mahabharat, he was in the Form. He gave the discourse in Gita in His Form. Not in the formless state. He made clear that His Devotee dear to him. The one who meditates cannot be a devotee, he can be a meditation. Someone who performs the Yagna can be a priest performing the rituals, he cannot be a devotee. A person who worships for the Formless can be a formless worshipper, but be can not Formal worship, that a person is called a devotee and the devotion can duly be for the Form.


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