What Is Guru Kripa?

What Is Guru Kripa?

“Guru Kirpa Kiya Hei”
What Is Guru Kirpa

Sara Dhuniya Usi Ka Hei,
Jo Muskarana Jaantha Hei !
Roshni Bi Usi Ki Hei,
Jo Shaama Jalana Jaantha Hei !
Har Jaga Mandir Musjid Aur Gurdwaara Hei,
Jo Sir Jukaana Jaantha Hei.

The whole world belongs to that person who knows how to smile!
The whole world is bright to that person who learns to forgive.
Everywhere you look around you find a Temple, Mosque and a Gurdwaara,
But GURU BELONGS TO THAT PERSON who knows how to bow his head with Humility and Forgiveness.


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