Guruji Welcomes You!

Guruji Welcomes You!

The extract below is the actual words of Guruji in welcoming all for Satsung:

“My dear lovers of the Lord, lovers of the Guru, I welcome you all on your arrival, on this auspicious occasion my beloved friends. God cannot be without devotees. The Guru cannot be without the listeners, so my hearty greetings to all of you in the audience. With respect and with regards I welcome you all because you have come for the Lord, for remembering his name, as the Lord is always hungrily looking for the feelings which you have in your hearts right now. He has no appetite for the worship by you and me, or for the ornaments, or for good clothes and jewelry because he himself is the master of all wealth (Lakshmi Nath). That Supreme Being, God, the Lord himself is present here, because of his unbroken promise.

Once Naradji said “O Lord, can we get your address? Like these days we have phone numbers, I would like to have your phone number at least so that I can get the news from you and can also give you the news at any odd time. Give me some number in heaven!!” The Lord replied, “O Narada, I do not stay in heaven, I visit the heart of the yogis but one cannot find me there.” Narada asked, “Then where can we find you?” The Lord replied, “O Narada! I promise I give you my word, wherever my devotees sing for me, whenever they sing about me, I am always present there.”

That is why all of you devotees have come to sing for him, to glorify His name, to tell his stories in various contexts, to listen to those contexts, and to find the path leading to the Lord God. Then is it possible for him not to be present here? He would certainly be here! The Lord once said to Arjuna, “O Arjuna! I am not to be found in the stone, neither in the soil nor in the gold”. Arjuna asked, “Then where can we find you O Lord?” The Lord replied, “I am in the place wherever there is feeling for me. I am definitely there”.

That is why my beloveds, I am greeting and welcoming you; because the Supreme Being is here sitting amongst you. My salutations to all of you who are in the form of truth, in the form of mothers, in the form of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddesses and the mothers, I greet you and I greet you who are like Narayana. I greet you, I salute you, and I welcome you.”


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