Be Virtuous & Serve Guru

Be Virtuous & Serve Guru

Jaisee Karanee Jaasu Ke, Taisee Bhugate Soye !
Bin Satguru Kee Bhakti Ke, Janam Janam Dukh Hoye .

As you sow, so shall you reap, one may have to suffer for lives together, if one does not serve his Satguru with devotion.

And so, have devotion for your guru and attain true knowledge of virtuous deeds.

Jab Too Aayaa jagat mein, Loag Hanse Too Roye.
Aisee Karanee Naa Karo, Peechche Hanse Sab Koye

When you took birth from the womb of your mother, everyone became happy to see you, and you were weeping.

Do not do anything that people may laugh at you after your death. ( i.e. do such things that people may weep when they remember you after death because of all your good deeds.


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