Everybody Wants To Be Guru!

Everybody Wants To Be Guru!

It seems like……everybody wants to assume the position of GURU, nobody wants to be a servant, servant of the servant, ” daaso KA daas”.

“Param Poojniye
Param Pyaare,
Shri Satguru Baba Nyaare Hamaare.
Tu Hi Raam Hai
Tu Hai Raheem,
Tu Karim -Krishan Khuda Hua.
Tu Ishu Masi
Tu Hi Wahe Guru,
Har Naam Mein Tu Samaa Raha.
Sadhu Bhookha Bhaav Kaa,
Dhan Ka Bhookha Naahin.
Dhan Kaa Bhookha Jo Phirai,
So To Saadhu Naahin.!

Saints and sages have a great appetite for love but have no appetite for wealth. And those who keep wandering about in order to assuage their hunger for wealth, are no Saints or GURU, ie hunger for wealth and worldly pleasures generated by delusion, troubles only those who are ignorant and greedy.,AND NOT THOSE WHO ARE DISCERNING SAINTS AND GURU’S.


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