Procrastination – Do It Today!

Procrastination - Do It Today!

” Aaj Kahai Main Kaal Bhajun, Kaal Kahai Phir Kaal !
Aaj Kaal Ke Karat Hee, Ousar Jaasee Chaal”

Today you say that you will sing in praise of GURU tomorrow and, when the ” tomorrow ” comes, you again procrastinate it till tomorrow; and thus , your ” tomorrow ” never comes. And so, making excuses for procrastination, your time of death arrives and the golden opportunity of singing in praise of GURU is gone forever. So dear devotees of Gurudev;

Kaal Karai So Aaj Kar, Aaj Karai So Ab.

Do today whatever you have left for tomorrow, and do Right now whatever you have decided to do today ( do not make false excuses,do not procrastinate and do not be lazy:


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